Batam as gate and the main flow of Indonesia’s International Telecommunication information receive government’s special attention because the cost benefit in the region is higher as a drive/force of national economic growth.

As the area continues to advance in the golden triangle (Batam-Singapore-Malaysia), Batam is highly strategic in communications sector, electricity, water, gas, banking, industry, vessel traffic, as well as trades and services. Product and services it produced is Batam and Indonesia’s public consumption Batam and Indonesia also export commodities to other countries.

Batam city government is committed to promoting investment and economic growth of Batam to improve the welfare of society. Growing economic and competitiveness of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) through Batam Techno Park

With the availability of ICT Technopark, the university (the Academy), private (Business), and the Government (Government) can work together to create a e conducive environment to the realization of collaboration, innovation, development and commercialization of Batam.

To support it, Moratelindo as Batam’s government partners also build an exclusive area of the building Batam Techno Park (BTP) + Submarine Landing Point stands at more than 9 hectares land in Batu Besar Nongsa, Bemban Tanjung Batam East Coast Island.

"The location is isolated and safe from a variety of natural disasters, the bustle of people, social and political turmoil. On top of a high hill, on the edge of the sea directly connected to submarine cable landing point Moratelindo towards Singapore. At this ideal location NDC Batam is located."

Facilities to build : e-bizhub, Internet Data Center & Data Recovery Center, ICT Research & Development Center, ICT Training Center, ICT Convention & Exhibition Center, Software House Center, Office Center and other supporting ICT Center.

Batam Techno Park (BTP) is integrated with 11 NDC in various important cities in Indonesia and IIX Singapore (Equinix and Global Switch). Connected with Nusantara Internet Exchange (NIX) throughout Indonesia, Graha Pena & Sumex Building (Batam), Uniland DC (Medan), IDC (Cyber Building Jakarta), CDC, Orion, APJII, Indonet, Biznet, Lintasarta, Indosat, Teleglobal (BSG), BSD City, BPD Building (Semarang), Omadata, Intiland / Dharmala Building (Surabaya). NDC Batam with a Tier III specification, in BTP “The Integrated Technology Park” is the right choice for you, for domestic traffic and international links, data storage and DRC.


  • Perforated floor panel (40 cm height)**
  • Separated power cord and data cable lines (concealed under floor panel)
  • Loading dock
  • Heat and smoke sensors
  • Fire Suppression System FM-200
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Network Operation Center 24/7


  • Main Power PLN 240 KVA**
  • PDU (Power Distribution Unit)
  • UPS 2 x 125 KVA**
  • Genset 80 KVA + AMF/ATS**


  • Building main entrance with key card
  • Access Door
  • 2-door entrance to computer room with key card and key code
  • CCTV in entrance and computer room
  • Rack and key


  • Type: DX Air Cooled, Down Flow, Small ICOM**
  • Cooling capacity: 19.5 kW at 22 ° C dB, 50% RH
  • Sensible capacity: 18.8 kW at 22 ° C dB, 50% RH
  • AC Precision 4 x 107 KVA
  • Refrigerant: R407C

  • Single-circuit system
  • Infrared humidifier
  • Electric heater
  • Dehumidifier
  • Event log (up to 400 events)
  • Water leak detection
  • Air flow loss alarm


  • FenwalNet 6000 with battery Intelligent Control Panel
  • Addressable Ionization Smoke Detector
  • Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector
  • AI Monitor Module (ACID)
  • Double Action Manual Pull Station
  • Suppression Abort Station
  • Multitone with strobe
  • Fire alarm bell
  • EVACUATION AREA sign lamp