NDC Provide The Best and Optimal Service of a DRC to Address The Crucial Issue of Data Security, and Ensure Uninterupted Operations, Processes and Continuity of Data and Your Business.

One of the most important action strategic effort to anticipate it all is to build up a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), which takes over the function of the unit that is “broken” or took serious damage, so the central storage and processing data and information, process performance, production and the company’s business continues to run as it should.

The importance of DRC for the steady running IT systems in a company is comparable to the costs incurred by the company. The use of information technology has become a strategic necessity and essential for the organization and business activities, so that when the service has stopped, the effect is very serious, like the emergence of various operational risks, reputation risk and even market failure.

Disaster such as fires, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, etc. are threats from the beginning that must be done in anticipation to prevent the risks by preparing a disaster recovery plan (Disaster Recovery Plan / DRP) with the support of DRC (Disaster Recovery Center) as a center / storage area and processing data and information.

Upon the occurrence of a disaster that resulted in data center temporary damage, partially or even totally destroyed – it will takes a long time to recover. Core processes for the recovery must be keep maintained for its performance, to protect the source of the damage from natural disasters, viruses, terrorism, malicious acts from inside and outside as well as other unpredictable source.

One of the most important action strategic effort to anticipate it all is to build up a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), which takes over the function of the unit that is “broken” or took serious damage, so the central storage and processing data and information, process performance, production and the company’s business continues to run as it should.

DRP and the DRC is not something new in the world of IT in Indonesia, even Bank Indonesia has required all banks to have a DRP / DRC, for example when disaster hits a number of major companies headquartered in world trade center, they all can still operate (recover operations in quick time), because they have prepared a number of DRC to anticipate such catastrophic events.


  • Minimize financial loss and non-financial businesses in facing turmoil or natural disasters including physical damaged and information in the form of critical data points of the company that is fundamental to the strength and effectiveness of the company’s operations.
  • Improving an optimal security features to protect data centers that are already available or yet to be realize as a guarantee for business continuity.
  • Improve the sense of safety of personnel, suppliers, investors, and customers, thus enhancing trust and benefit for the company.


Most do not know the function of DRC, and some are considered DRC only as a supplement.

Some want to build their own DRC with limited capability and capacity, and some did not know the options and advantages of the DRC that are right for the company.

NDC provide the best and optimal service of a DRC to address the crucial issue of data security, and ensure uninterupted operations, processes and continuity of data and your business.

    Your needs for DRC:
  • The high risk of interference because the process or the technology used in the core support existing processes – for example in implementing internet banking, remote trading, e-auction, and so forth;
  • The risk of disturbance has the potential to interfere with a large number (majority) of process or activity that is crucial for the survival of the company – for example the automated teller machine, corporate electronic payment system, automatic procurement system ecc.
  • The risk of interference inherent in a high value process (value-added processes), the range of activities directly related to the mechanism of the creation of a product or service, is absolute to the company so as not to lose a source of revenue, and customer “is willing to pay” for the existence of the process.

The security of your company is the right choice for the DRC that we can offer, with superior facilities and reliable services Nusantara Data Center in Batam Techno Park and NDC Jakarta.


  • Cold DRC. Cold DRC provides the same system as in the location of the customer’s data center, where applications and data will be uploaded before the DRC facility can be used, and the process of moving from data center to the DRC is done manually.
  • Warm DRC. Warm DRC provides the computer with all its components, applications, communications links, as well as the most updated data backup, where the system does not automatically switch though there is still a manual process to a minimum.
  • Hot DRC.Hot DRC arrange immediate business operations, system with applications, the same communication link which has been installed and is already available on the DRC, the data is backup continuously using live connection between the data center and the DRC, and business operations will run at that same time, without the need to shut down the system in the old data center.


Build a good DRC itself, is not an easy thing, as a matter of fact it is a complex activity, because in it there are various aspects and components that need serious and special attention.

Nusantara Data Center (NDC) point out a Data Center with a DRC with complete security needs and core processes.

    The advantages of our DRC:
  • Built on the certified site of Tier III Data Center interconnected with our many Data Center that are spread in the area through the redundant backbone in Sumatra and Java directly connected into the Singapore International Path (Equinix and Global Switch) and has a standard of ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 to provide supreme services for your trust and loyalty.
  • Batam Techno Park’s location, a safe position from natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides. Far from the settlements, isolated and safe from all riots and social-political turmoil, but still connects directly in our backbone network to your location.
  • Have an integrated 7×24-hour security team with CCTV and Multiple Plated Access Door.
  • Have a qualified & professional human resources assigned 7×24 hours for our NDC with all the standardized tools and operational service.
  • Guarantees for business continuity and optimal choice of the type of DRC.
  • Optimized and Tested in real disaster conditions.
  • NDC understands the institutions and companies needs concerning DRC that are completely safe on all the potential distractions that might happen, such as physical infrastructure, as well as humans system error.
  • Disaster recovery Infrastructure includes a data center facilities, wide area network (WAN) or telecommunications, local area network (LAN), hardware, and applications. From every part of this NDC determine Disaster Recovery strategies are most appropriate in order to provide effective solutions and in accordance with company requirements.