MORA-IXP (Moratelindo Internet Exchange Point) is the New Improved MORA-IX/MIX Product with Full Enhancement of Network Topology and CDN gateway.

MORA-IXP is a Commercial Neutral National Internet Exchange Point, by using the Mora Telematika Indonesia Internet Exchange AS Number (AS131702).

It is designed to collect all favorite IP Transit Traffic to stay local by caching several biggest Content Provider which is cached in Moratelindo Premise. Top Rank Content Provider and CDN ( Google Cache, Facebook, Akamai, Netflix, Wangsu-China).

MORA-IXP Topology


  • Substantially cost-savings (average 30%)
  • Fastest route to access Global Content Provider (Google, Facebook, Netflix, Akamai)
  • Significantly reduce the Latency (average up to 10 times faster)
  • Using reliable Interconnection Switching Equipment. By using the Layer 2/3 Router, MORA-IXP can guarantee the maximizing performance of network interconnection
  • Reduces latency, which empower Internet for all interactive applications, video games, teleconferencing and web 2.0
  • Accelerates local internet exchanges between users
  • Improves the Internet traffic's quality for the region where it is located
  • Improves overall bandwidth
  • Improves the routing efficiency, by increasing the number of possible “paths”
  • Enable local traffic to stay local

    Who Can Connect to Mora-IXP

    Telco and ISPs Segment
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Telecommunication Company (Operator)
  • Internet Infrastructure Provider (NAP)
  • Internet eXchange Provider (IXP)
  • Enterprise Segment
  • Content Provider (Game Online, Online Shop, News Portal, Forum Portal)
  • Government (BUMN, Ministry)
  • Academic Institution (University, Research and Study, Online Course)
  • Financial Institution (Banking, Finance, Assurance)
  • Broadcasters and Media (News Company, TV Channel)

    Connection MORA-IXP in NDC

    Connection MORA-IXP in NDC

    Connection to MORA-IXP